#148 The Huge “Ah-Hah” I Had After Finishing My Third Book

I was planning on talking about something else today, but I had such a powerful experience earlier this week that I felt inspired to veer from my original plan so I could share more about it with you. 

Living in such a transactional and mechanistic culture, it’s easy to forget how magical it is to be a human being who gets to engage in the creative process. Moreover, it’s easy to forget that our businesses, and all that we share within the world of our businesses (such as books, websites, programs, and even a podcast like this), are sacred, divine beings. They’re here to partner with us, and to evolve us, in profound and mysterious ways. If we’re willing. 

Today I’m sharing a recent story of how I experienced this in a big way. May this inspire you to bring this perspective more fully into your own life and work in the year ahead.


The Huge “Ah-Hah” I Had After Finishing My Third Book

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