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PRIVATE Mentoring

I've supported thousands of women leaders to overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage so they can offer their unique gifts and create lives and careers they love, on their own terms. 

My approach is based in Internal Family Systems, or IFS. It integrates therapeutic and spiritual support, along with business building in a unique and synergistic way. If you’ve gotten business coaching before and it hasn’t yielded the results you want, it’s likely because one of these three pieces has been missing.

Bringing them all together in this way can make all the difference. We do this together in a safe, private setting where you can be your most vulnerable, while creating a customized plan of action to get you moving in the direction of your dreams. 

We can work together in one of three ways: A single session, a one-day intensive, or a three-month immersion. 

— Bethany O'Connor;
Burnout & Resilience Coach

“Mentoring with Sara was truly a life-changing experience. Thanks to Sara, I feel so much lighter, more confident, and more self-compassionate.”

When we access this state of being and bring it to the parts of ourselves that have been cut off from it for years (and often decades), old traumas can receive the love they’ve always needed and we begin to heal at the deepest level. 

With IFS, we work with those parts of you that can become extreme and overwhelm you so you can access more of your Self energy.

Spiritual practices help to lead us to this space inside. Yet, old wounds and traumas also bury this Self within us, making our own healing clarity hard to access at times, especially when we’re triggered or under stress. 

When we experience hardship and trauma and don’t have the support we need to help us through, parts of us become wounded and begin to hold burdens. As we get older, these burdened parts take on extreme roles that go through great measures to protect the young, wounded parts of us that they locked away long ago. 

Amidst all of this, we all have a place inside of us (that IFS calls our Self) that has never been wounded and can handle anything life serves us. From this central place within, we experience more expansive states of being like calmness and compassion, confidence and courage. 

IFS’s core premise is that we have a multiplicity of personalities, or “parts,” within us and that all parts of us are fundamentally good.  

An evidence-based psycho-spiritual therapeutic model and spiritual practice that’s non-demonizing & non-pathologizing

Introduction to Internal Family Systems


— Lori Mihalich-Levin;
Founder of The Mindful Return

“It is worth doing hand-to-hand combat with your own fears (if that’s what it takes!), to have the opportunity to work with Sara.

I walked away from our 1-day intensive believing FOR THE FIRST TIME that I’m capable of living the dreams I have for my company….Sara brought her own brilliance, experience, compassion, intuition, and magic to the process.

This was a HUGE investment for me, and one I'm incredibly glad I trusted myself to make. I have a newfound trust in my ability to make the big dreams real for me.

Sara, I LOVED every part of this experience. You are a master teacher and guide.”

My Philosophy on Business & Entrepreneurship

I believe that business is a dance between your soul's desires, your personal gifts and talents, and the needs and desires of your customers and clients. It's also a sacred conduit for being who you are and sharing what you're here to offer to the world.

I've been an entrepreneur for over twenty years, and I was one of the first women in my field to bring my business online in 2008 in a substantial way. During that time, I’ve published three books, served tens of thousands of women around the world, and built an aligned business I love to multiple six figures. All while prioritizing my health, spiritual practice, and sensitive nervous system.

I'm passionate about mentoring spiritual, entrepreneurial women to root into their wholeness, lead from their values, and work in ways that feel deeply aligned, so they can bring their true Self into the world through their business – and into every area of life.

— Natalie; Breathwork Facilitator, Musician & Coach

“Before working with Sara, I was stuck and overwhelmed. I had no idea what the biggest needle movers in my business would be, and this felt super challenging, often like I was spinning my wheels– it was like being pulled in a million directions.

Sara simplified things on a massive level for me. She helped me see where I was stuck, and which things would actually move me forward the most. She has so much experience and was able to speak directly to this point in her journey as she has actually been here before.

I have so much more clarity on my next steps moving forward, and I feel inspired again on a deep level! That feeling of overwhelm has greatly dissipated, and I know what steps I have to take to move things in the right direction. This clarity is invaluable.”

In mid-life (or beyond) and recognize that the way you've been working is no longer feeling aligned. You're ready to pivot so you can share your most authentic self, letting your work be sourced by your soul

Have unresolved wounds that you know need healing so you can step into the personal power, prosperity, creative expression, and fulfillment you know is possible 

Wanting support in healing old patterns of pushing, burning out, and collapsing. You're ready for more balance in your work and life, and all the ways you've tried to do that up until now haven't worked.

Eager to shed your self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can share your gifts in a way that feels in alignment with your feminine values and inner guidance

Needing some tactical support in bringing in more clients, creating offers, developing a marketing plan, and other nuts & bolts of business growth and operations

Aware you need a real plan for your business and finances, rather than just "going with the flow." You want support doing that in a way that's effective, intuitive, and inspiring.

Wanting to write a book, but despite your best efforts, can't seem to get started or stick with it. You want to stop procrastinating and create a real plan to finally get published.

This is for you if you are:

Sorceress Sessions 


My highly intimate and personalized IFS-based mentorship integrates therapeutic and spiritual support, along with business building. Rather than further fragmenting yourself by doing your inner work in one space and your business coaching in another, this unique approach works like functional medicine, helping you to get optimal results more synergistically, holistically, and sustainably.

Tired of doing business in a hyper-masculine way and are ready for a softer, more intuitive and integrated way of doing things

one-day intensive

This is for you if you have a specific, concrete vision, desire, or goal you want to gain traction on within a short period of time. A less process-oriented way of working together, this retreat-like environment gives you the spaciousness of several hours for us to work deeply together so you can experience breakthroughs and quantum leaps (inner and outer).  

Taking place either in Boulder, CO or via Zoom, your one-day intensive  includes: 

The investment is $4000. (Please reach out to us here if you'd prefer to split this into multiple payments, which would need to complete at least two weeks before your intensive.)

A comprehensive welcome packet so I learn in great detail about you, your business, and what you're wanting to accomplish together before we meet. This way we can dive right in together on the morning of our intensive.

An integration call up to 30 days after our session to get support with any troubleshooting or refinement needed during your implementation process.

three-month immersion

This is for you if you know you need support with implementation over a longer period of time. This option also gives you the chance for more integration between our bi-monthly calls. 

Your private immersion includes:

A comprehensive welcome packet so I learn in great detail about you, your business, and what you're wanting to accomplish together before we meet. This way we can dive right in together on our first session.

Two, one-hour private calls with me each month over Zoom (six total), and recordings of each session.

3 months of Slack access. On this private messaging channel, we can communicate asynchronously so you can receive support in-between our sessions. Get my feedback on copy and web pages, with troubleshooting a challenging client, or anything else that comes up along the way.

The investment is $4000 (or 3 monthly payments of $1370). Please familiarize yourself with our Client Policies here first. 



If it would be supportive to meet with me before booking your mentoring package to explore any questions you have or to determine which option is best for you, you can schedule a free call below. 


outer work


Together, we'll identify the biggest inner obstacle standing in the way of you living your dream, along with how that obstacle is directly related to an unresolved wound you're still carrying. We'll transform that wound to reunite you with an important facet of your power.

From this place of Self-leadership, we'll use cutting-edge business strategies to chart a customized, aligned path forward that works for all of you. This way, instead of operating with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake (which means your wounds are leading the way, keeping you spinning your wheels and/or getting burned out), you'll create your business–and life– in enjoyable ways, from your wholeness. 


This is for you if you want targeted guidance on coming into more soul-centered alignment on either a specific project you're working on, or the overall plan for your business. We can either take a narrow focus (i.e. on your book outline, marketing strategy, launch plan, etc.) or a broad view (i.e. your business model, messaging, niche etc.), while also getting clear on how to support the parts of you who are getting in the way of making the progress you desire. Here's a quick way to gain more clarity and confidence on your next steps. 

Your single session includes:

An intake questionnaire so I learn in great detail about you, your business, and what you're wanting to accomplish together. This way we can dive right in together during our session.

One, one-hour call with Sara via Zoom (recording included)

A follow-up email with resources and recommendations for your next steps after our call

The investment for a single session is $550.


A full day together, full customized for you and your business to help you gain clarity, get unstuck, and go in the direction of your dreams. Includes a delicious healthy lunch, snacks, and beverages throughout the day. 

— Lauren Garvey;
Founder of the TackHack

"Working with Sara was transformational. As a visual person, I had been intrigued by IFS as a healing modality. I reached out to Sara at a time where I felt like traditional therapy had become a bit stale for me. This work has been invaluable in helping me navigate my relationship with Self and others. I very much appreciate the impact that working with Sara has had."

— Brittany Bares

“Mentoring with Sara left a profound impact on my emotional, mental & spiritual health. Her guidance is skillfully crafted & intuitively led. As a therapist myself, I was impressed with her consistent ability to create a safe space of exploration, while guiding me directly to the places I needed to go. I highly recommend working in any capacity with Sara!”

How I Overcame Hardship to Create an Aligned, Authentic & Abundant Business and Life– and How You Can Too

In this free, private audio journey, I’ll share with you some of the most valuable lessons I learned after experiencing a series of crushing heartbreaks over a span of five years – and coming back stronger, wiser, and more aligned than ever in my business and life.

From Heartbreak to