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When we access this state of being and bring it to the parts of ourselves that have been cut off from it for years (and often decades), old traumas can receive the love they’ve always needed and we begin to heal at the deepest level. 

With IFS, you work with those parts of yourself that can become extreme and overwhelm you so you can access more of your Self energy.

Spiritual practices help to lead us to this space inside. Yet, old wounds and traumas also bury this Self within us, making our own healing clarity hard to access at times, especially when we’re triggered or under stress. 

When we experience hardship and trauma and don’t have the support we need to help us through, parts of us become wounded and begin to hold burdens. As we get older, these burdened parts take on extreme roles that go through great measures to protect the young, wounded parts of us that they locked away long ago. 

Amidst all of this, we all have a place inside of us (that IFS calls our Self) that has never been wounded and can handle anything life serves us. From this central place within, we experience more expansive states of being like calmness and compassion, confidence and courage. 

IFS’s core premise is that we have a multiplicity of personalities, or “parts,” within us and that all parts of us are fundamentally good.  

An evidence-based psycho-spiritual therapeutic model and spiritual practice that’s non-demonizing & non-pathologizing

Introduction to Internal Family Systems


— Bethany O'Connor;
Burnout & Resilience Coach

“Mentoring with Sara was truly a life-changing experience. Thanks to Sara, I feel so much lighter, more confident, and more self-compassionate.”

My Philosophy on Business & Entrepreneurship

I believe that business is a sacred dance between your soul's desires, your personal gifts and talents, and the needs and desires of your customers and clients. It's also a sacred conduit for being who you are and sharing what you're here to offer to the world.

I've been an entrepreneur for over twenty years, and I was one of the first women in my field to bring my business online in 2008 in a substantial way. During that time, I’ve published three books, served tens of thousands of women around the world, and built my business from the ground up (twice) to multiple six figures. All while prioritizing my health, spiritual practice, and sensitive nervous system.

I'm passionate about mentoring spiritual, entrepreneurial women to root into their wholeness, lead from their values, and work in ways that feel deeply aligned, so they can bring their true Self into the world through their business – and into every area of life.

Overwhelmed by a gajillion ideas and need help narrowing down your focus and putting everything into one, clear, aligned action plan for the next quarter (and year).

Ready to envision and implement the next incarnation of you and your business

Wanting to earn more by  leveraging all you do (and by working smarter, not harder)

Hungry to have someone to "speak the same language" with, rather than doing a standard business accelerator

Tired of investing so much in yourself and your business, only to feel like you’re continually spinning your wheels and getting a lackluster ROI

Wanting support with eliminating what's not working and enhancing what is so the work you do every day lights you up and pays you well

This is for you if you are:

Bespoke strategy for more prosperity, transformation, and success, on your terms. A one-hour deep dive. Just you & me, soul to soul– because having the right support changes everything.  Welcome to a private, sacred space for spiritual, entrepreneurial women who are ready to lead from their wholeness and share their soul’s gifts with the world.

her Self Strategy Session

her self strategy

Harboring big dreams and are wanting some fierce, loving accountability to help you reach them

Ready to increase your income, manage your money better, and have a positive money mindset

Wanting support with having good boundaries and work/life balance

Eager to share your gifts in a way that feels in alignment with your values

Needing some tactical support in bringing in more clients, creating offers, and other nuts & bolts of business growth and operations

Aware of particular issue or area of your business or finances is in need of attention, and you want support navigating it, with skill and compassion

Stuck or stalled on gaining momentum with projects that are near and dear to your heart

This is for you if you are:

Let's dive deep together for 3 months in your own private mentoring immersion. Includes two private calls with me each month and membership in Create Your Dream Business.  Receive step-by-step accountability and resources, as well as real-time feedback. By applying IFS, women's spirituality, and sound business strategy within a sacred container, you'll move with greater ease and harmony toward your most cherished dreams. And we'll do this with great care and intention to distill your wisdom, actualize your gifts, and craft a sustainable life and business that are both rooted in your wholeness and aligned with your unique values and vision.  

Private Mentoring Immersion

private Mentoring immersion

— Brittany Bares

“Mentoring with Sara left a profound impact on my emotional, mental & spiritual health. Her guidance is skillfully crafted & intuitively led. As a therapist myself, I was impressed with her consistent ability to create a safe space of exploration, while guiding me directly to the places I needed to go. I highly recommend working in any capacity with Sara!”

Discover what’s been keeping you overwhelmed, stuck, and doubting yourself– and learn how to break free so you can fulfill your potential, starting now.

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