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Internal Family Systems &

Don't let your fears
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for playing small and what-ifs  

Life’s too short

It takes a holistic approach to not just survive heartbreak but also to transform it into a life-affirming rite of passage.

Handbook for the Heartbroken

In a heartbreak-illiterate world, my brand-new book offers solace and support through losses and falls from grace of all kinds– personal, professional, and collective.

Instead of “hurrying up” and “getting on with it,” this intimate guide will empower you to turn toward even the messiest seasons of life…and to emerge a wiser, more mature, integrated human being.

I’m a multi-certified yoga & Buddhist meditation teacher and have had a daily practice of both for the past 25 years. Throughout that time, my work has been uplifting the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide.

I’ve also grown my business from the ground up (twice), facing and overcoming tremendous inner and outer obstacles, while prioritizing creating a business and life that are deeply aligned with my values, sensitive nervous system, and spiritual practice.

I've written three books (the third one comes out in May 2024).

As a Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner, I weave the evidence-based, psychotherapeutic healing model of IFS into everything I teach.

As a business strategist, teacher, and mentor, I help spiritual women entrepreneurs break free of limiting beliefs and identities and build multiple six-figure businesses, based on sound business strategies, ancient spiritual principles, and their inner wisdom, so they can fulfill their highest potentials– without burning out or betraying their values. 

I’m Sara. 

Hello, visionary woman. 

Explore my books to help you live in harmony with your feminine rhythms, trust your inner guidance, and navigate challenging life and business transitions with more grace and wisdom.


Join me in one of my online programs, group mentoring, or in-person retreats or events– for both personal and professional guidance. Become the woman you truly are – in business and in life, within a supportive women's community.

Programs & Retreats

Weaving together Internal Family Systems, practical business strategy, and feminine spirituality, I offer business consulting for women who want to take their businesses to the next level, while honoring their values, health, and spirituality.

Private Mentoring

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What women are saying 

— Kate Northrup, Author & Entrepreneur

“Sara has managed to strike the perfect balance between hip, modern practicality, and ancient, wise woman wisdom.”

— Jenny Kenlon

“I can hear and feel myself, for the first time,
as an adult.”

— Deb Dawson-Dunn

“For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I belong on this planet. This is a place where you can lean back and feel ‘Ahhhhh’...”

— Heather Asher

“I have gone further with my healing using IFS with Sara, than a decade with talk therapy. ”

Discover what’s been keeping you overwhelmed, stuck, and doubting yourself– and learn how to break free so you can fulfill your potential, starting now.

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Her self with sara avant stover

Grow a business that’s abundant and sustainable, while allowing you to be a force for good in the world. Tune in and enjoy deep conversations about the intersection between spiritual entrepreneurship and fulfilling your potential…so you can become the woman you truly are– in every area of your life.

Lead with your true Self through spiritual entrepreneurship.

her Self with Sara Avant Stover 

“Sara is a true gift. The work with IFS has been a deep, releasing, and transformative experience.”

— Heidi Rose Robbins; Astrologer & Author 

Hello, beautiful.

So you can earn– and save– more in the year ahead. Because with a little bit of love and guidance, more abundance is possible. Promise.


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I know your life’s full. And the thought of looking at your numbers and creating financial well-being make you want to bury your head in the sand.