Sara's new book is here: Handbook for the Heartbroken

Each of our offerings is designed to help you fulfill your greatest potential, experience greater prosperity and wholeness, and be a force for good in the world. Along the way, you'll powerfully create the life and business that are truly meant for you. 

From toe-dips to deep dives, we offer a range of online programs and in-person retreats.

In-Person Retreats & Events

Drala Mountain Center, CO

Fall is the season for slowing down and simplifying. Yet, as busy professional women, finding the space we need to do this can be nearly impossible. Within a supportive circle of like-minded women, you’ll have the time and space to harvest the bounty and blessings from the past several months, clarify what you need to let go of, and receive support for overcoming both inner and outer obstacles.

The Reset Retreat: Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders

September 13-15, 2024



Join an intimate retreat for spiritual women entrepreneurs where you'll weave together the tools of Internal Family Systems, women's spirituality, and sacred business to bring your vision into reality. Receive clarity on what's keeping you stuck, explore pathways to sustainable success, use spiritual principles to manifest your desires, and connect with other heart-centered women.  Space is limited to 10 women

The Sorceress Retreat

october 17-19, 2024

This 12-month mastermind and mentorship circle for spiritual, entrepreneurial women fuses authentic business practices, Internal Family Systems, and feminine spirituality, to help you build the sustainable systems and structures you need to do the work you came here to do, while healing the parts within you that stand in your way.


This 8-week Internal Family Systems & Feminine Spirituality immersion will show you how to get out of your own way, come into deep alignment (inside and out), rewire yourself for greatness, and confidently offer the gifts that only you can. Plus, you'll do all of this inside a safe, supportive community.


Online Programs: Live

Business acumen & IFS for inner and outer success...within a sacred women’s circle

Online Programs: On-demand

This Internal Family Systems Daily Parts Meditation Kit will guide you, in under an hour, through simple ways to honor all parts of yourself. Along the way, you’ll access your inner resources and transform obstacles into allies. The result? More inner peace and personal power to realize your most cherished goals and dreams, daily (for only $9).

Getting Out of Your Own Way


Imagine if that voice inside your head that’s always saying “do more” or “do it better” became your biggest cheerleader. This course will show you how to transform your Inner Critics into trusted allies.

Befriending Your Inner Critic

Befriending your inner critic

— Linda Sperl

“I enjoyed belonging to a community of women with whom I could learn from, grow with, and share. It felt collaborative. While we grew as a circle, we were also each diving deep into our individual wells.”

Weaving together Internal Family Systems, practical business strategy, and feminine spirituality, I offer business consulting for women who want to take their businesses to the next level, while honoring their values, health, and spirituality.

Private Mentoring

— Sara Heisler

“This experience has been game-changing for me. This is worth every penny and second of time spent."

Sara's books, a blend of memoir and step-by-step guidance, will support you to reconnect with your feminine guidance so you can navigate challenging life and business transitions with more grace and wisdom

Reconnect to who you truly are through the power of story


How I Overcame Hardship to Create an Aligned, Authentic & Abundant Business and Life– and How You Can Too

In this free, private audio journey, I’ll share with you some of the most valuable lessons I learned after experiencing a series of crushing heartbreaks over a span of five years – and coming back stronger, wiser, and more aligned than ever in my business and life.

From Heartbreak to