For the past 24+ years, I’ve been walking side-by-side with women around the world, helping them to heal, transform, and uplift their lives.

I’m Sara Avant Stover.

meet sara

Fun facts!

I’m the mom to a rescue dog, Sadie– and the second oldest of four sisters

I lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 9 years in my twenties. My time there changed my life and gave birth to the work I do today

Two of the nicknames I’ve had since childhood are Rera (because one of my younger sisters couldn’t pronounce the “S” in my name) and Bear (as in “Sarie Bear”)

A former ballerina, I still love to dance

If I needed to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would probably be Indian (dal, especially!)

I’ve traveled to 45 countries (many of them visited solo)

What women are saying 

— Heather Asher

“I have gone further with my healing using IFS with Sara, than a decade with talk therapy. ”

— Trine Hedegaard

“Feminine spirituality at its best!”

— Deb Dawson-Dunn

“For the first time in my life, I truly feel like I belong on this planet. This is a place where you can lean back and feel ‘Ahhhhh’...”

This voice is what I have come to know as my Self. And every woman has access to this.

Turns out, the very achievement-driven perfectionism that had defined me for years had also muffled the voice of inner wisdom I most needed to guide me. 

In fact, as my quest for wisdom, feminine spirituality, and healing deepened, I found myself at war with myself. 

As a recovering over-achiever, I learned the hard way that all the productivity tips and perfectionism that seemed to serve me so well in the first phase of my life (elite schooling, people pleasing, and being a “good girl”) couldn’t carry me into the rest of my life. 

I’m devoted to guiding women back to their inner wisdom, through feminine spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, Internal Family Systems, and a whole lotta love (and guts).

I’m not a guru— but I am a mentor.

Hello! I’m Sara.

 Because we need each other. And we can’t do this alone.

To do this, I offer you the intimate details of my own path — the good and not-so-good girl moments — to inspire and invoke your own truth.

Above all, I’ve devoted my life to guiding women back to the profound wisdom within, both in their lives and their careers.

Upon graduating Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Columbia University's all-women's Barnard College, I had a health scare in my early twenties. Upon this, I let everything go to heal and find myself. I moved to Thailand (turns out: my soul’s home) and spent ten years there, on a healing and spiritual odyssey throughout Asia. I returned convinced that each woman has, within her, the wisdom that will save her. 

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve used the very method I teach to heal from a whole host of traumas and challenges, which I write about in-depth in my book.

I weave the evidence-based, psychotherapeutic healing model, Internal Family Systems, into everything I offer

IFS Practitioner


I've written three books (the third one comes out in May 2024!)



For the past 24+ years, I've been uplifting the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide through women’s yoga, meditation & spirituality. 

Teacher of Women’s Spirituality



Explore my books to help you live in harmony with your feminine rhythms, trust your inner guidance, and navigate challenging life transitions with more grace and wisdom. 


Join me in one of my online programs, small group mentoring, or in-person retreats or events– for both personal and business support. Experience your embodied wholeness within a supportive women's community.

Programs & Retreats

Weaving together IFS and feminine spirituality, I offer both personal and business mentoring for women who are wanting to take their lives (and incomes & careers) to the next level. 

1-1 IFS Mentoring

Ready to go deeper? 

— Jennifer Louden

“What I appreciate about Sara is how giving and erudite she is. She is a generous, smart thinker and writer about women's health and I love giving her books to women of all ages.”

Welcome to my home on the web.
May every moment spent here bring you a little more home to yourself.


And if you wish someone would just tell you how to do it all, already (but you know you’d secretly want to smack them if they did) …

 … you’re already dancing the messy, mysterious path of feminine awakening.

If you think you’re too flawed to embody the perfection of your being …

you’re in the right place.

If you think you’re too busy to fully express the longings of your heart …

What if what you’re seeking is already right here? Discover simple things you can do to experience your wholeness more often– starting right now. 

Whether you’re brand-new to the feminine spiritual path and Internal Family Systems or have traveled this path for years, these seven, fundamental teachings will help you walk your healing journey more courageously and gracefully.

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7 Habits of Whole Women 

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— Kate Northrup, Author & Entrepreneur

“Sara has managed to strike the perfect balance between hip, modern practicality, and ancient, wise woman wisdom.”