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#147 5 Common Mistakes Women Business Owners Still Make at the 100K Level

As we’re all entering into review and visioning mode for 2024, I wanted to share some common things I’ve seen over the years with the women I’ve mentored. First, it’s important to note that over 80% of women business owners are working below the 100K income level. Whether you’re ready to soar past this milestone or find yourself consistently falling short of it, there are some fundamental aspects we can explore to not only achieve it but also to potentially surpass it (if that’s something you’d like to do). 

Elevating our income involves a dual process of personal healing and business growth. This is important because having more money empowers us to not only take better care of ourselves and those we love but also to be greater forces for good in the world. Let’s take a closer look together now, with curiosity, honesty, and compassion.


5 Common Mistakes Women Business Owners Still Make at the 100K Level

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