#144 Using IFS to Clear Foreign Energies with Robert Falconer

Today I’m speaking with Internal Family Systems Practitioner, teacher, and author, Robert Falconer. As a survivor of extreme childhood abuse himself, for the majority of Robert’s career, he worked with fellow trauma survivors. Yet, an unexpected encounter while assisting an IFS Level 1 training ten years ago led him to also first explore and now specialize in something that’s come to be known in the IFS community as Unattached Burdens, or UB’s for short. 

In his new book, The Others Within Us, Robert investigates how these UB’s come to be– not only in our culture but also in those around the world. If you or someone you work with has things that don’t seem to heal as a result of personal or ancestral healing, you could have a foreign energy in your system, or UB. 

This isn’t something that’s often talked about, yet it’s more common than you might think! Together, Robert and I unpack how we get these, what possible symptoms of a UB are, and, ultimately, how to clear them from your system, safely and gently….so you can embody all of YOU. 


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