#145 Rescuing Business from Toxic Masculinity

Today we’re taking an honest look at things we might consider to be “masculine”: business, money, success, and power. With my own change in direction to specifically serve spiritual, entrepreneurial women, I’m outlining a new paradigm for these things, and how we can all be a part of it. The path of spiritual entrepreneurship is one that invites us to see business as a potent path for healing, service, creative expression, divine partnership, and fulfilling our soul’s potential. But, before that can happen, we need to clear out old, outdated beliefs that may be hindering us from opening to more expansive possibilities for ourselves and our world.


EP 145 Rescuing Business from Toxic Masculinity

How I Overcame Hardship to Create an Aligned, Authentic & Abundant Business and Life– and How You Can Too

In this free, private audio journey, I’ll share with you some of the most valuable lessons I learned after experiencing a series of crushing heartbreaks over a span of five years – and coming back stronger, wiser, and more aligned than ever in my business and life.

From Heartbreak to