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#143 You, A Year from Now: A Look Inside Becoming You

If you have some big dreams and goals but are feeling held back from fulfilling your true potential, I have something that really may help.

I’m thrilled to share a special podcast episode today that offers a transparent and thorough look into what it’s like inside Becoming You, my 8-week guided path to becoming the woman you truly are– in business and in life.

I’ve shared a lot of personal (and vulnerable) stories of my own experiences with heartbreak, and the journey to becoming more of my true Self, and building a life and work with which I’m deeply aligned.

Today, I want to shine a light on you. On your dreams, on your hopes and desires for your life and work, and on your vision for our shared world.

And I’ll share from the heart about whether Becoming You may be the right experience for you. 

Whether you’re considering joining us, or you’re just a little curious what it’s all about… or you simply want a different perspective on how to create transformation in your life– this episode is for you!

As you tune in, and get a sense for the possibilities that exist for your life, I invite you to check in with yourself and see whether our upcoming Becoming You adventure is right for you. 


Discover what’s been keeping you overwhelmed, stuck, and doubting yourself– and learn how to break free so you can fulfill your potential, starting now.

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