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#132 Understanding Addictive Processes with Cece Sykes

We’re continuing our IFS interview series this spring– where I’m sharing a handful of interviews with IFS trainers, helping us to better understand, and in turn heal, what can often be challenging parts of ourselves.

This month, we’re going to gain a really eye-opening, empowering perspective on addictive processes.

It’s a counter-cultural way of looking at things that are often very taboo. To help map this addictive process out for us, I’ve invited Cece Sykes onto the podcast today. A LCSW, as well a a consultant and senior trainer with the Internal Family Systems Institute, Cece specializes in trauma and addiction and is deeply respected for her contributions in this field.

In our conversation we speak about:

  • A new way to understand our addictive processes (and how we all have them, in some form)
  • Three key things you need to understand in order to heal these
  • A guided practice to help you explore how this all plays out in your own system
  • What’s possible for you and your life when you heal and transform your addictive processes


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