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#133 The Power of Healing in Groups with Chris Burris

As the last part of our IFS interview series this spring, I invited Chris Burris, a senior lead trainer for Internal Family Systems Institute and one of my own teachers, back to the podcast.

Last year, Chris published the book Creating Healing Circles: Using the Internal Family Systems Model in Facilitating Groups, and has since gone on to lead numerous sold-out IFS Healing Circle facilitation trainings, which I had the pleasure of being part of this past spring.

Today, we speak about the power of healing in groups, why this is the medicine we need in these times, and what that can open up for us that one-on-one therapy cannot. In addition, we discuss: the different stages of a group process, keys to being a skilled facilitator, integrating different modalities into groups, how to know if you should do group or individual work, and aspects of ourselves that can be explicitly healed in groups. Plus, towards the end, Chris leads us through a powerful experiential meditation. 

We go deep and I always find talking and learning with Chris to be inspiring! I know you will, too. Enjoy. 

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