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#95 The Practice I Do (Most) Every Morning

Today I’m sharing the recording of a tried-and-true practice I led several years ago during a retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center. In it, I lead an exercise called “The Four-Part Check-In.”

Those of you who have been studying with me for a long time will be very familiar with this, and it’s also a practice I include in both of my books.

I’m sharing it here today because I find it to be a foundational practice for us as women. It supports us in quickly assessing how we’re doing at the levels of body, heart, mind, and spirit– and what we most need to care for ourselves each day.

We do this so well for others and are often very lousy at doing this for ourselves! May this guided practice help to shift this, so you can live each day more skillfully and connected to yourself.


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