#96 Single, Childless, and/or Struggling? 10 Tips for Surviving The Holidays

For all who celebrated, I hope you had a nourishing Thanksgiving. And, I also want to acknowledge that this can be a (very) triggering time of year– for many people,  on many levels. Especially for those who are single and/or childless (not by choice).

Mass media touts this as a time of family and togetherness. We can often feel excluded, forgotten, and not understood by family and friends who DO have children and partners. 

And, we can even be discriminated against in the workplace–expected to work over the holidays so that those who have children can have that time off. 

If this stretch of time until New Year’s is hard for you, I’ve recorded a podcast episode, sharing some tips I’ve found helpful over the years.

Above all, we need to raise awareness that many struggle– and are alone– at this time of year (for so many reasons). 

If you know someone who falls into these categories, listen in to learn how to support them.

And, if you’re alone and/or struggling over the holidays this year, my heart is with you and I hope this episode offers some solace and support.

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