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#74 Jennifer Racioppi on the Eclipses, Astrological Shifts in 2021, and Riding Your Erotic Edge

As we near the end of 2020, a monumental year for us all, I called on my friend, colleague, and esteemed astrologer and success coach, Jennifer Raccioppi, to shed some light on the cosmic forecast for the month of December, and into 2021.

In our conversation, we talk all about Jenn’s new book, Cosmic Health, and why, from an astrological standpoint, 2020 was so intense. She shares some interesting shifts happening in a couple of weeks– most notably the new moon eclipse on December 14, and a rare astrological conjunction on Dec. 21 that will seed a paradigm shift in 2021 and beyond.

We touch on practical ways you can align with these changes, why it’s imperative that you “ride your erotic edge,” what her current spiritual practice consists of, her recent heartbreak and encounters with the Dark Mother, and her current growing edge.

Settle in with us, and enjoy.

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