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#75 The Danger of Modern-Day Initiations

We women face many challenging transitions on the pilgrimage from girlhood to womanhood: menses, love and heartbreak, motherhood, childlessness (by choice or not), menopause, illness, loss, and financial devastation (to name a few).

Devoid of a central narrative, these rites of passage too often happen in shame, isolation, and secrecy, leaving women doubting their personal power, self-worth, and, at times, sanity.

Yet these very thresholds– or initiations– are what’s required to expand our personalities and nervous systems to better hold the largeness of our souls.

Today, I’m mapping out the three biggest dangers of undergoing a modern-day initiation– or transformational cycle of unbecoming and becoming. I’m also sharing three antidotes to best work with these inopportune societal conditions.

May these words provide validation and context-making for wherever you are in your process. And, as always, blessings on your journey!

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