#73 Spring Washam on Plant Medicine & the Dharma of Harriet Tubman

Today I have a really wonderful conversation to share with you. Spring Washam is a well-known meditation teacher, author, and visionary leader based in California and Peru.

I first came across Spring this past summer, just after George Floyd’s murder when the Black Lives Matter movement really burst into the collective field. At that time I saw an online course she was offering that intrigued me, called The Dharma of Harriet Tubman.

Spring and I speak about:

  • Her personal visitations from Harriet Tubman
  • How Harriet’s an archetype so needed for these times
  • Ways that Black women are the backbone of this country (The United States) and why white women need to support them
  • What it’s like to be a biracial woman on the spiritual path
  • How she’s created diverse, accessible spiritual communities
  • What it’s like to lead “the church” of Harriet Tubman
  • And how plant medicine plays a pivotal role in both of our lives, especially in healing trauma

There’s a lot of richness in here. Enjoy!

Spring’s website:

Sara’s website:

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