#53 #I Had an Abortion: My Story

Sisters: We’re about to cross a big threshold together. Today I’m sharing the most important story I’ve ever told.

As you read it, you have complete freedom to think and feel anything. Whatever experience you have, own it. The only thing in life that we can ever fully trust is our own experience.

The world is changing. Women are changing. We’re changing. I’m changing. What’s called for now is a whole new era of womanhood and women’s leadership. An era where each of us lives in full integrity with her inner authority– her SHE. An era where each of us values her own truth above the opinions and reactions of others. An era where we’re all free to be fully ourselves, together.

The world needs our courage. Our truth. Our audacity. Our love. And, most of all, our willingness to stand for something larger than ourselves.

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