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#54 A Candid Q & A with Sara About Abortion

Welcome to the second episode in the #I Had an Abortion series. Almost three years ago, I invited one of my closest friends, Emma Teitel, to interview me for the inaugural episode on my podcast, SHE Talks. Today, I asked her to come back so that we could talk about abortion.

I felt called to have this conversation with Emma, in particular, for a few key reasons:

  • Emma and I have been close friends for a decade, and she was one of the extraordinary women who stood by me through the challenges of the past few years.
  • Now a women’s empowerment coach and psychotherapist, Emma used to work in a women’s health clinic, where she supported women and teens during their abortions (and many other circumstances).
  • Named “Cleo” in my story, Emma volunteered to serve as my own “Abortion Doula.” Her compassionate presence and skillful space holding allowed me to feel held and supported during my own, unexpected initiation of abortion.

Emma and I discuss:

  • Why Birth Doulas and Abortion Doulas are really the same thing–and why women need widespread access to both
  • How society’s fear of death puts abortion in the shadows, and how this harms women
  • Ancient ways that our female ancestors naturally administered abortions for themselves and one another, until this information was erased from our consciousness (and, like birth, put only in the hands of doctors)
  • Ways that abortion is, at its root, pro-life through honoring all the seasons of life
  • How we live in a society that is fundamentally anti-woman, and the pressing need for us to reclaim our voices and our togetherness
  • Why we need to hear from more women who feel relieved– even happy– about their abortions

Thank you to those who have contributed to the Patreon fundraising campaign for Redemption Circle! Your generous donations have allowed me to continue on with this podcast series and to begin to create the first online course on this topic. A deep bow to each and every one of you!

Redemption Circle is a 501(c)(3) and global movement to heal the stigma of abortion and create a support network that empowers women to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually after an abortion.

The only way this non-profit can come into being is through the support of those who believe in its vision! The only way that we can fully honor the initiation of abortion– that at least 25% of women around the world experience– is to create these safe, healing spaces and communities.

Show Notes:

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