#52 Trusting Your Soul’s Journey

Welcome to the final episode of our summer season.

Confession: Sometimes reading or listening to my own teachings lifts my spirits. This was true with today’s talk.

Being human can be hard. This world can be harsh. But the challenges we face are never random. They’re here to help us uncap latent strengths within us. The more we face, the stronger we become.

To keep having the courage to say “yes” to life’s challenges– and stay sane and true to ourselves along the way– we need all the inspiration and support we can find.

I won’t give too much of a lead-in to today’s talk, other than I’m pretty sure it will lift your spirits, as it did mine.

I gave today’s SHE Talk on the final morning of the last SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in Thailand.

In it, I share:

  • How to give every woman (all those spirits and bodies who identify themselves as female and/or woman) a seat at the table
  • What’s missing from women’s yoga, meditation, & spiritual leadership
  • Ways to make sense of our deepest, most painful soul wounds
  • Where to look for your path and purpose when you feel lost and filled with doubt
  • Why it’s good to be a heretic
  • The secret power of your heart

If you’ve enjoyed the teachings shared in this summer season, please consider joining me for my upcoming SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training (December 1-8 in Tulum, Mexico).

At this unconventional gathering, I’ll share the under-the-hood techniques and principles I’ve used in my own yoga & meditation for two decades — and taught to thousands of women, worldwide.

Whether you’re aching to support other women, need a retreat, or just hungry deepen your own practice, you’ll find the feminine heart of yoga and meditation there. And, yes: we’ll have plenty of beach-time, too!

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