#45 Are Rituals the New Rules?

Welcome to episode 3 in our mini-series on Disrupting the Divine Feminine. And today we’re going deeper.

Externally, do you look successful and put together; but, inside, you feel like you’re really hiding. Do you feel that, deep down, you don’t want others to really see you; and, most of all, you don’t really want to see yourself?

You have the whole setup: the color-coded chakra candles, the crystals by your bed, the goddess cards, the recycled yoga mat. Oh! And let’s not forget– Mercury Retrogrades mapped out in your planner through the rest of the year. You’ve changed your external environment to be more harmonious and “Zen,” but, inside, ​do you​ really ​feel more whole​?

In today’s SHE Talk, I discuss:

  • How spiritual fads are making us overly superstitious (and are yet another form of hiding behind masks)
  • Why the practice of subtracting (rather than adding more rituals, more stuff) holds the key to peace-of-mind and personal power
  • How moon cycles, periods, astrology, etc. have become more ways that we give our power away
  • The ritual that will reveal the freedom and connection you’re really seeking (if you actually do it)

I warned you that I’m not pulling punches anymore!

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