#46 Overcoming Our Addiction to Experts

Welcome to episode 4 in our mini-series: Disrupting the Divine Feminine. Our intuition was educated out of us when we were very young. Our parents told us to listen to them rather than to how we felt. Now we look to Google for advice instead of into our own hearts and minds, and we’re paying a big price.

Isn’t it time you get the education in self-trust that you never got?

In today’s SHE Talk, I share:

  • Why you need to stop asking for (and giving) advice
  • How we’ve become a culture that’s addicted to experts
  • What steps you can take to restore trust in your own inner knowing
  • The key to business success that no one’s teaching
  • What a real, wild woman looks like in 2018…and how you, too, can be that free

In the SHE School & SHE Leadership Circle 2018, you’ll get the mentoring, practices, and sisterhood you need to learn to trust & life from your inner wisdom. Become a woman who lives her truth and feels alive, joyful, and free. Our 9-month journey begins on February 1.

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