#44 Why You Need to be More like a Man

Welcome to the second episode in our mini-series on “Disrupting the Divine Feminine.” In the wake of Harvey Weinstein (et al), I know it’s not fashionable for me to say this. But I love you, so I have to. For us women, becoming unstoppable in life takes being more like a man.

If you have the liberty to be reading these words right now, then the biggest thing holding you back is not outside of you. It’s not your boss, your bank account, your childhood, your lover, your kids. It’s you. YOU are what’s holding you back. YOU– and specifically your own thoughts and feelings–are what keep getting in your way.

Now that we’re being honest with ourselves, wouldn’t it be wise to cultivate the tools to STOP doing this? Wouldn’t it be wise to learn to be bigger than your thoughts? Bigger than your feelings? Greater than the sensations in your body and circumstances in your life?

In today’s SHE Talk, I share:

  • How Martin Luther King Jr. (whom we’re honoring here in the U.S. today) exemplifies key qualities of the Divine Masculine for us to emulate
  • Why you need to get clear on the differences between the “shadow” masculine (ahem- the patriarchy!) and the Divine Masculine within yourself
  • What the greatest women in history all have in common (it’s not what you think)
  • Ways that you can start training to become unstoppable in your life…today

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