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#30 How to Enter the Magic of Retreat Space from Home

The beginnings of things — even wonderful, self-caring things — can be challenging. You sit down to meditate and your mind won’t shut up. You hop on your yoga mat and feel stiff and awkward the first 15 minutes.

Hear what I told women the opening night of my last SHE Retreat about honoring transitions and beginnings. We talk mindfulness, the two kinds of self-care practices (yes, retail therapy counts!), how to work with resistance, and an ultra-simple practice to determine your “growing edge,” in the Sacred Feminine.

Enjoy in a cozy bubble bath. Because living true to ourselves is challenging; and the journey needs all the gentleness and sweetness we can muster.

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Whether you’re brand-new to the feminine spiritual path and Internal Family Systems or have traveled this path for years, these seven, fundamental teachings will help you walk your healing journey more courageously and gracefully.

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