#29 The Ins & Outs of Teaching Women’s Yoga

Over these past few weeks we’ve turned women’s yoga, meditation, and feminine spirituality inside out and upside down. Today it’s time to look at it from one final angle. Let’s explore the business of teaching yoga to women– and the host of strings (ahem: challenges!) that come along with this gift. A fitting finale to our Poolside Sutras summertime podcast series! It’s not only for yoga teachers and aspiring yoga teachers; but it’s also for anyone who struggles with making a living from her passion.

If you love these Sutras, please consider joining me for my upcoming SHE Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training.

At this unconventional gathering, I’ll share the under-the-hood techniques and principles I’ve used in my own yoga & meditation for two decades — and taught to thousands of women, worldwide. Whether you’re aching to support other women or just deepen your own practice, you’ll find the feminine heart of yoga and meditation there. And, yes: we’ll have plenty of pool-time, too.

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