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#28 A Woman’s Guide to Yin Yoga

In today’s episode, the second-to-last in our special Poolside Sutras summertime series, I’m sharing how I (literally!) stumbled across an embodiment practice that drastically changed my life.

Welcome to a Woman’s Guide to Yin Yoga. These practices soothe and rejuvenate me. They prepare me for whatever life is asking me to meet, and they return me to myself.

I wish for every woman to have this, too; because yin yoga is one of the best allies we can have in our embodiment tool kits. In today’s Poolside Sutra, I’ll share the unexpected story of how I found yin yoga (it involves not sleeping for 3 days straight!); ways to use yin yoga to work with adrenal fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and more; and why this practice is one of the best ways to skillfully align our yoga practice with our hormonal cycles.

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