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#27 Meditation Rx for Monkey Mind, Boredom, & Obstacles Galore

We can have the perfect meditation accoutrements adorning our perfect, meditative environment. But when we sit down, expecting our minds to still, distractions to vanish, and inner turmoil to cease–simply because we’re meditating–we’re setting ourselves up for failure (and usually more tension than we started with!). Meditation isn’t about seeking some tranquil space. Nor is it about overriding sadness, depression, monkey mind, or fatigue.

In today’s Poolside Sutra, we’ll explore what meditation really is- and, hopefully, you’ll discover that it’s a lot more accessible than you thought.

If you’re struggling to get (or stay) on your cushion, much less making friends with yourself once you do, today’s episode is for you.

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