#23 Women, Sex & Awakening

Over the past two months, we’ve explored our inner voices, hormonal cycles, the Heroine’s Journey, daily rituals, yin yoga, and meditation. You may be surprised to hear that, when practiced alone, all of these can cause us to harden and insulate. They threaten to deaden us in the never-ending cycle of Drill Sargent self-improvement.

But, since this is the second-to-last episode in this podcast series, it’s now time to stitch these all together. Not with any old thread. With racy, red lace. When combined and viewed inside the larger perspective I’m sharing today, these practices return us to the deep sea of feminine devotion. Adorned with fruit, flowers, celebration, and exuberant, heart-bursting love.

Today’s talk is an excerpt from our 2014 Red Tent (now The SHE School); and it offers an initiatory glimpse into feminine spiritual practice.

In it, I share:

  • How to reroute your self-sabotaging tendencies into vitality, vibrancy, and unstoppable creativity
  • Why you must Be the Lover, above all else
  • Ways to stop keeping your sexuality locked up in a little box in the bedroom
  • Masculine v. Feminine Realization
  • Daily ecstasy practices to spark healing and creativity


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