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#24 Discipline & Devotion in Daily Life, Parenting & Relationship

Today’s talk is a fitting closing for our “Bubble Bath Wisdom” series, because it’s all about integration. It’s about taking our insights from the yoga mat or the meditation cushion and bringing them into our intimate relationships, our parenting, our leadership, and something as foundational as the inner attitude we move through each day with.

In it, I’m sharing a few clips from some of last year’s SHE School mentoring calls. Each clip holds a question from one of the program participants. All are very deep and complex- reflecting the women who ask them.

And they all help us to see how we can take all our inner work, and start to shine it out into the world. They lead us to remember that, if we’re not where we want to be in life, maybe it’s time to stop believing our thoughts and following our same old habits. And maybe it’s time for us to source our next steps from a deeper truth about who we are, and what really matters to us in this precious life.

Listen in to learn:

  • The crucial differences between discipline & devotion
  • A bodily practice to activate devotional, heart-intelligence in even the worst of moments
  • Ways to live your Heroine’s Journey in marriage or intimate partnership
  • What to do if your beloved doesn’t have a spiritual practice
  • How to stop being a victim
  • The best ways share these teachings with your daughters, or women of younger generations

At the end, I share a 10-minute guided practice for full integration. It’s savasana, or the corpse pose, a posture of complete release and receptivity. Be sure not to leave this out, it’s the most important part of any yoga practice (or transformative journey) like the one we’ve been on together these past months.

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