#22 Becoming a Powerful Female Practitioner with Sarah Powers

Instead of featuring one of my own talks on today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing an excerpt from a talk that one of my own beloved teachers– Sarah Powers– gave to our SHE School community a few years back.

We in the SHE School sisterhood love Sarah Powers. She’s an incredibly grounded, wise, globe-trotting yogini, who also happens to be a devoted wife, mother, and author.

When I first met Sarah in my early twenties, I felt I had finally found a role model for a woman who’s ambitious and successful, while also having a (very) deep practice and a nourishing home life.

Plus, Sarah has a really innovative perspective on a woman’s path to wholeness, one that has helped to create the foundation for my own work in the world.

In this clip, Sarah shares:

  • The key practices she recommends ​for becoming an empowered, female practitioner
  • How to trust your inner signals, and let go of the need for outer verification
  • Ways to cultivate earthy confidence
  • Why you need to have a practice that speaks to all of you, rather than just parts of you
  • ​2 things every woman needs to thrive in life.

This conversation really helps to pull together all the “Bubble Bath Wisdom” talks I’ve shared with you so far. Again and again, women in The SHE School say how appreciative they are of Sarah’s wisdom.

And, since I first learned yin yoga while assisting Sarah’s teacher training at Kripalu all those years ago (and it has since become a staple in my life and teachings), at the end, I’ll share a guided, 15-minute, yin yoga sequence. It’s one that I taught at last year’s SHE Retreat in Mexico– great for getting grounded, while opening your hips, shoulders, and the power center in your belly. When these get jammed up, we get lost in our thoughts and estranged from our inner knowing.

May this talk spark some inner freedom, by helping you to see things a fresh way.

Learn more about Sarah Powers: www.SarahPowers.com

Learn more about The SHE School: www.TheSHESchool.com

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