#21 How to Meditate Like a Woman

In today’s “Bubble Bath Wisdom” podcast episode, I unpack why we women need to include Mindfulness Meditation in our daily lives, as well as offer a practice to help you get started. We women need to cultivate our Inner Warriors. We need to know we’re strong enough to handle the storms of life. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. All too often we collapse into the Victim, or the Damsel in Distress, and, in so doing, we miss out on discovering our innate, inner strength.

So, good news! It’s totally possible to enjoy the fruits of meditation without the yuck of getting all rigid and heady about it. Listen in, and I’ll tell you how.

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Whether you’re brand-new to the feminine spiritual path and Internal Family Systems or have traveled this path for years, these seven, fundamental teachings will help you walk your healing journey more courageously and gracefully.

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