#18 How to Live a SHE-Centered Life

When we’re up against something big in life (which only seems to happen more frequently, with more intensity, as we get older), we need a different approach to scale the seemingly unsurmountable walls that Life places on our paths. We don’t need to become better problem-solvers. Nor do we need to become better people, necessarily.

No: we need to move in the opposite direction. We need to stop trying so darn hard. To stop taking ourselves so seriously. We need to revive our little girl magic. Yes! We need to, once again, trust and believe.

It’s in this place of surrender to something greater than us that our spiritual path really begins. And it’s in this disposition of faith, that we can finally step off the hamster wheel of incessant self-improvement and allow real, deep, lasting transformation to take root.

Welcome to the “ascending” dimension of the Heroine’s Journey, the shooting star to spiritual freedom.

And this is the fourth (and final) Bubble Bath Wisdom talk I’ll share before we resume this series after the New Year….

Bubble Bath Wisdom #4: How to Live a SHE-Centered Life

In this SHE talk, recorded during the midpoint of our SHE Retreat in Mexico, I shared:

  • How to shift from living from your small, conditioned self, to living from your higher Self, or your SHE.
  • Ways to create a harmonious inner family, and thus a more balanced outer life.
  • The most erotic love affair you’ll ever have.
  • What to do when life serves you something that seems insurmountable.

Today, bring your Inner Little Girl along (don’t let her forget her magic wand!), and let’s take a closer look at how to craft a more heartfelt, effective approach to our most pressing problems.

Deep exhale. Was that wisdom talk just what you needed to slow down, re-center, and reconnect to the sacred wholeness of your feminine being? I hope so, dear sister.

We women need to build rest, contemplative quiet, and loving connection into our lives. And it’s incredible what 20 minutes here or there can do.

Imagine what would be possible in your life if you put this kind of pampering and spiritual practice on autopilot in 2016. If you had regular mini-retreats, daily self-care rituals, fiercely loving mentorship, and a supportive community to keep what matters most on your front burner.

That’s just the beginning of The SHE School 2016: a 9-month spiritual practice community for women. We begin our collective Heroine’s Journey in February, but if your heart is already a YES, I’m sharing a beautiful collection of early registration gifts: a LIVE tele-cast Visioning 2016 ritual, a Life Design playbook (where I share my favorite tools for health, life, business, and love), my women’s yoga and meditation kits, and more.

If you’re ready to transform in the year ahead… and your butterfly chrysalis feels a little lonely (or confusing!), I’d love to welcome you to our growing circle.

Our doors are open for Early Registration until December 12 … and I can’t wait to welcome you.

Click here to learn about The SHE School 2016: www.TheSHESchool.com

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