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#17 How to Transform Your Inner Critic into the Sacred Feminine

Today invites the second week of Advent and the first day of Hanukkah. Yes, we’re in the thick of holy.

This weekend I’ve had the chance to drop into this sacred time more deeply. On Friday, Keith and I packed up my white Prius (Amia included, much to her delight) and headed up snowy roads to celebrate our five-year anniversary in a rustic, mountain cabin.

Relationships challenge and grows us more than anything else in this world, making them the holiest aspect of life. It’s a topic that deserves our attention here, especially at this time of year. To help us dive deeper, let’s explore one of the most primal relationships within ourselves. One within our own psyches, between our Inner Critic and our Vulnerable Child. But most especially: the dimension of the Sacred Feminine that begins to blossom from this relationship when we start to heal.

In this clip, recorded on the second afternoon of our SHE Retreat in Mexico, I shared:

  • The 3 main ways we react and defend ourselves when we feel threatened, stressed, or attacked
  • What our greatest strength is, as women
  • Which voices in your head are running your life (and doing a really bad job at it), and what to do about it
  • How to embrace the feminine dimension of meditation
  • What Divine Feminine archetypes like Tara and Mother Mary can teach us about Sacred Motherhood (even if you’re not a mom)

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