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#19 Daily Practices to Empower Your Year

The first talk of the New Year, given on the final morning of last year’s SHE Retreat in Mexico, illuminates what I recommend every woman include in her daily practice.

Because a day without practice is a disempowered day. It’s a day when we’re thrown from the helm of our ship and thrashed about by the waves of life and others’ agendas. Our habitual tendencies take over and sabotage us. And we end the day– or, worse, the year– exhausted and feeling like, no matter how hard we try, we’re just never enough.

Creating and maintaining a daily practice is something I know so many women struggle with. It’s one of the core things that I mentor women on; and it took me many years to establish mine. The effort was well worth it: now my morning practice is the wellspring of a fulfilled and sovereign life. I could never do what I do or be who I am without it.

At the end of this first talk, rather than sharing a practice, as I will in all the forthcoming ones, I offer a comprehensive list (not to be confused with a To Do list!), to offer an overview of the various components I recommend you include for a well-rounded home practice.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll then guide you through some of these pieces, and then you can add those teachings to your practice library and use them throughout the year.

If you suffer from the “All or Nothing” syndrome, where you think if you don’t do 1 or 2 hours of yoga and meditation a day, then it’s best not to do any at all, I think you’ll find this talk really reassuring.

Today’s episode is for every woman- busy mothers, business owners, and golden-year queens. It’s for you if you’ve never stepped on a yoga mat, and if you bring yours with you wherever you go!

It helps each of us to establish a direct, personal relationship with the Sacred Feminine, and to bring Her qualities of compassion, love, and radiance forth from within our own bodies, hearts, and minds to illuminate our daily lives.

Deep exhale. Was that wisdom talk just what you needed to slow down, re-center, and reconnect to the sacred wholeness of your feminine being? I hope so, dear sister.

We women need to build rest, contemplative quiet, and loving connection into our lives. And it’s incredible what 20 minutes here or there can do.

Imagine what would be possible in your life if you put this kind of pampering and spiritual practice on autopilot in 2016. If you had regular mini-retreats, daily self-care rituals, fiercely loving mentorship, and a supportive sisterhood to keep what matters most on your front burner.

That’s just the beginning of The SHE School 2016: a 9-month spiritual practice community for women. I only open registration once a year (every January- that’s), and we begin on February 1.

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