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#12 Manifesting Desire in Harmony with Lunar Cycles with Jennifer Racioppi

The second child in a very patriarchal, Italian household, Jennifer Racioppi grew up estranged from her feminine essence. Then, in her late teens, Jenn had to have an emergency hysterectomy as the result of very aggressive endometrial cancer. By the time she was 20, Jenn had already gone through surgical menopause. Having lost the capacity to reproduce, she rejected every notion of her femininity and set out to recreate her life. A surprise initiation into understanding the cyclical nature of the moon turned out to be a massive turning point on her Heroine’s Journey. By learning to let her desire guide her through life, and to manifest her desires in harmony with the lunar cycles, Jenn found the feminine heart and power that she had always longed for.

Fiery and wise beyond her years, Jenn shares with us how we, too, can bring our desire to the forefront and how to use cyclical rituals to bring them into being.

Jennifer Racioppi is a progressive women’s health and success coach who combines her deep knowledge of science and spirituality, plus astute insights, to show women how to take full responsibility for their lives and success. She expertly guides them in optimizing their health, aligning with their soul, and achieving their maximum professional potential. She is a Holistic Health Counselor (AADP), a Behavior Change Specialist + Certified Integrative Health Coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Additionally, she holds a certification in Positive Psychology from Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, as well as a certification in Success Coaching from Robert Holden, PhD. Visit her online at

If you would like to learn more about how to live in harmony with the lunar cycles, Jenn is also a guest teacher in my online immersion Reversing Our “Curse”: Yoga, Meditation & Lifestyle Rituals for Your Cycles– from Menses to Menopause.

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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