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#11 The Sacred Call of Anger with Andrea Lee

Today I invited my own business mentor, Andrea J. Lee (she’s the one who encouraged me to create this podcast!) to share her Heroine’s Journey with us. Living in Vancouver and of Taiwanese descent, Andrea’s incredibly joyful and bubbly. I have yet to have a conversation with her when she hasn’t giggled! Yet, Andrea didn’t always used to be this way. Up until several years ago, she was an incredibly angry woman. Through a lot of deep, inner work and a supportive husband, she used the pain that this rage represented as her path to healing. Seeing this anger as a karmic legacy of not ever being able to be a child, she shares how she has transmuted this pain into self-love, compassion, and loving service.

Since anger is something every woman struggles with– either lashing out or numbing out in reaction to it– we all can, and need, to learn from Andrea’s story.

Andrea J. Lee is founder of Thought Partners International, which does business online under the identity ‘Wealthy Thought Leader University’ — an internationally-known company that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs upturn the status quo. Alongside the coaching team at Wealthy Thought Leader University, Andrea has taught breakthrough thinking to thousands of entrepreneurial leaders from the start-up phase through 6, 7 and 8 figure incomes. She is also Director of Strategic Planning for the Indrani’s Light Foundation — a global non-profit devoted to eradicating domestic violence, in partnership with the NGO Population Services International. Visit Andrea online at

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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