#13 The Power of Sisterhood with Nisha Moodley

While she admits she’s always been a “woman’s woman,” Nisha Moodley admits that her own Heroine’s Journey really began when she fully took a stand for sisterhood. When faced with a divorce, followed by the dissolution of a very deep and meaningful relationship, she recognized just how much she had been deriving her sense of wholeness from men. Nisha’s devastation not only led her to surrender in the lap of her girlfriends but it also initiated her into the process of “choosing herself” and cultivating her own intrinsic wholeness. Through this, Nisha learned to partner with challenging emotions as her greatest allies. This allowed her to transform heartache into one of her life’s greatest gifts. Tune into our sisterly conversation to discover the tools to help you also “choose yourself.”

Nisha Moodley is a Women’s Leadership Coach and the founder of Global Sisterhood Day. Inspired by the belief that the world will be set free by women who are free & sisterhood is key to a woman’s freedom, Nisha creates communities of ambitious women to support them in redesigning their lives & businesses. Find her online at

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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