Her self with sara avant stover

Listen to heartfelt conversations and fresh perspectives about feminine spiritual practice, mental and emotional health, womanhood, authentic business, and more. Because transformation starts with truth-telling. (Tears, triumphs, and unapologetic beauty included.)

An IFS & Women’s Spirituality podcast with Sara Avant Stover

her Self 

Enjoy conversations with other courageous wayfinders, inspiring wisdom talks, and the honest transparency of a woman walking with you on the path.

A space to come home to your true self, every week.

Great reviews






—Krista Van Derveer 

“All women must listen!

Sara’s capacity to hold the vision of Wholeness while including all the parts– the light, the dark, and everything in between, is truly a breath of fresh air. This podcast and Sara’s work provide the possibility of real healing, happiness, and transformation on all levels. Thank you, Sara, for sharing your gifts and wisdom with the world!”

—Raven Sahara

“Wisdom and gentle grace.

Sara is a wonderful interviewer, which is a skill unto itself, but she also offers lots of her own hard-wrought and care-filled insight. Beyond the excellent content, I also find value in the gentle, humane, feminine pace she brings: listening is a comfort as well as an illumination.”

—Bethany O’Connor

“Required listening for spiritual seekers. 

Sara Avant Stover is a gifted spiritual teacher and IFS practitioner, and I don’t know how I would have gotten through the pandemic without her books and podcast. This podcast is like your favorite professor having office hours. Highly recommend this to anyone seeking guidance and a role model on how to live a more spiritual life.”

Kind Words from Listeners

Hi, I’m Sara Avant Stover, an author, Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner, and pioneering teacher of women’s yoga, meditation, spirituality, and entrepreneurship for the past two decades. Each week on this podcast, I share dharma talks, as well as conversations with leaders and luminaries about all different aspects of the feminine journey.

Born out of my own desire to hear wisdom teachings through the distinct lens and voice of the Sacred Feminine, this podcast will help you reconnect to what’s most essential. If you’re a woman committed to her own healing path, you’re in the right place. Welcome home. I’m glad you’re here.


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Tune In. Slow Down. Drop into feminine wisdom. Listen to inspiring conversations about women, psychology, spirituality, healing, and personal growth.

An IFS & Women’s Spirituality podcast with Sara Avant Stover

her Self 

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