#169 Kate Northrup: Healing Your Nervous System in Times of Upheaval

We’re continuing our “When the Going Gets Tough” series today with Kate Northrup, a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and mother who supports ambitious people to light up the world without burning themselves out. 

Kate and I speak about a very challenging season in both her family and business life when, upon the birth of her second daughter, her husband became sick with a mysterious illness. During the months and years that followed, Kate struggled to balance running their seven-figure business, caring for her husband, and raising their two daughters. 

She shares with us the real-life, hard decisions she needed to make behind the scenes to keep everything afloat, the practices and lifestyle choices that most supported her, and how that season of her life evolved her and her work to where they are today. 

This conversation with Kate is the fifth of six I’m hosting here this spring. Together, we’re diving into stories of several prominent women who weathered various life challenges– and found ways to keep showing up for themselves, their loved ones, and their careers.

I offer these to bring support and inspiration to all traversing similar dark valleys in their own lives or work AND to celebrate the arrival of my new book, Handbook for the Heartbroken this month.

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Ep 169

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