#168 Elena Brower: Sobriety, Life Transitions & Losing Her Mother

We’re continuing our “When the Going Gets Tough” series today with Elena Brower, a mother, mentor, poet, artist, volunteer, bestselling author, and host of the Practice You Podcast. You may also recognize Elena from the yoga app, Glo, as she’s taught yoga and meditation since 1999.  In addition, which you’ll hear more about today, Elena received the Buddhist Precepts from Roshi Joan Halifax in 2023 and is now a candidate for Chaplaincy.

Today, Elena and I speak about her sobriety journey, how she navigated major career shifts, the sudden death of her mother, her recent transition into menopause, and how she begins each day. 

This conversation with Elena is the fourth of six I’m hosting here this spring. Together, we’re diving into stories of several prominent women who weathered various life challenges– and found ways to keep showing up for themselves, their loved ones, and their careers.

I offer these to bring support and inspiration to all traversing similar dark valleys in their own lives or work AND to celebrate the arrival of my new book, Handbook for the Heartbroken this month.

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Ep 168

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