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#161 The Surprising Truth About Self-Sabotage

At least once today, you’ve likely experienced some form of self-sabotage. This could look like getting on Instagram right when you wake up, instead of taking that intended time for yourself. Maybe you stayed up too late last night watching TV when you really wanted to get enough sleep so you could wake up earlier today, feeling refreshed. Or you have a big project you know in your heart is important to you, but you keep letting smaller projects and emergencies pull you away from making any real progress on it. 

Let’s be real: Self-sabotage is an inherent part of the entrepreneurial journey. The more we take risks and step outside our comfort zones, the more we’re going to contend with it. Given this, wouldn’t it be wise to cultivate the skills you need to heal your self-sabotage at the root? So that it’s not only no longer an obstacle on your path, but it’s a true ally, helping you do what it once blocked you from doing? 

Yes, that’s very possible! And that’s what we’re exploring in today’s episode. In it, I share a painful experience of self-sabotage from my own life. I also share the single (surprising!) question you need to ask yourself the next time you experience it. 

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It’s as simple as that! 

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Ep 161

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