#130 Journeying from Uncertainty to New Beginnings

With the arrival of spring here in Colorado, I’m celebrating a series of new beginnings– both in my life and my work. 

In today’s episode, I explore the journey I’ve been on over the past several years and how I’ve moved from periods of immense uncertainty and dissolution to the shores of greater clarity.

Since we all move through these cycles of creation and dissolution, I share this to help you better navigate and trust your unique process.

How I Overcame Hardship to Create an Aligned, Authentic & Abundant Business and Life– and How You Can Too

In this free, private audio journey, I’ll share with you some of the most valuable lessons I learned after experiencing a series of crushing heartbreaks over a span of five years – and coming back stronger, wiser, and more aligned than ever in my business and life.

From Heartbreak to