#126 Everyday Radiance with Heidi Rose Robbins

Today we’re welcoming my long-time friend and colleague, Heidi Rose Robbins, back to the podcast for the second time. 

Heidi has been a professional astrologer for 25 years, hosts two podcasts, leads Radiant Life Retreats, pens the hugely popular “Moon Notes” on Instagram, and has written a handful of books, including her newest one, Everyday Radiance, which was just published by Chronicle.

In our conversation today we speak about:

  • How Heidi and I first met twenty years ago, and the ways our paths have interwoven since then
  • Heidi’s new book, Everyday Radiance, and how we can use this as a resource for more wise and inspired living, every day of the year
  • Ways that grief has shaped Heidi’s life and work over the past year
  • Structures and mindsets Heidi has implemented over the past several years as her success and visibility have grown
  • How she shows up authentically– in her work and personal life
  • What’s next for her and an overarching practice that’s most sustaining her now

Enjoy our conversation!

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