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#109 Preparing for & Making Sense of Menopause (for Women of All Ages) with Susan Willson

Some of us have experienced it. Some of us are getting closer. For others, it still seems way out in the distance.

Menopause. It’s time for us all to have a deeper conversation about it.

To guide us into this, I’ve invited Susan Willson, a Certified Nurse Midwife with 45 years of experience guiding all phases of women’s health.

Her new book Making Sense of Menopause: Harnessing the Power and Potency of your Wisdom years helps us to positively reframe this powerful time of our lives.

Please note– this is not just a book or a conversation for women in or past menopause. It’s for women of ALL ages. The more we get in touch with the season of life we’re in, the more gracefully we will be able to navigate the biggest transition we’ll face before our deaths– that of menopause.

Susan and I discuss why the cultural narrative about menopause being something we need to “fix” is so dangerous, how this time in a woman’s life is a real crossroads, why understanding early transitions in our lives as women will better help us navigate menopause, the (huge!) role stress plays in all of this, mid-life course corrections, and the archetype of the wise woman.

It’s a rich conversation that I hope will illuminate some new things for you about your own journey and the arc of a woman’s life at large. Enjoy!

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