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#106 Transforming Your Inner Critic & Perfectionist Through IFS

Over the next couple of months, I’m offering a focus on Internal Family Systems (or IFS) here on the podcast.

IFS is a cutting-edge psychotherapeutic model that’s sweeping the world right now– if you haven’t noticed!

More than being a very effective, gentle, and transformative model of therapy (that’s been both life-changing for me and my clients), it’s also a paradigm of living. IFS gives us the tools and framework to shift from living a fear-led life to an inspiration-led life.

This month and next month’s interviews will feature some leaders in the IFS community. Now, as the first of this 2-part series, I’m welcoming Chris Burris, an IFS senior lead trainer.

Chris and I speak about the IFS model at large, and more specifically about how to transform more extreme parts like our inner critics and perfectionists into allies (rather than going to war with them).

Chris also leads us through an IFS meditation to help us get more in touch with the parts of ourselves that are most dominant right now and shares some inspiring and practical ways he uses IFS for daily self-care.
May this conversation be of benefit!

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