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#99 2022 Astrology & Creating More Spaciousness with Heidi Rose Robbins

Hello friends: Welcome to 2022. I’m inviting on the podcast as the first guest of the New Year, a long-time friend and colleague, Heidi Rose Robbins.

Heidi and I met about 14-ish years ago while attending a retreat with our shared teacher, Sofia Diaz, at the Mount Madonna Retreat Center just outside of Santa Cruz, California.

We’ve stayed in touch since then, and I have always appreciated Heidi’s poetic way of living, her compassionate and concise astrology readings, and her heart-full presence.

In today’s conversation, we speak about what to keep an eye out for in terms of the astrology for 2022, as well as a review of what came to pass in 2021.

We talk about the rituals and practices that have been helping Heidi and me the most during the pandemic, and about some big, brave shifts she’s making in her life this year to better fulfilling her intention of deeper listening and spaciousness.

Enjoy our conversation!

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