#98 Sarah Powers on Becoming Lit from Within

It feels fitting, for the last episode of 2021, to invite my own long-time mentor, Sarah Powers onto the podcast. I first met Sarah serendipitously, while assisting her Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu about twenty years ago.

Since then, I’ve continued to study and mentor with Sarah– she’s been a tremendous influence on not only my teachings but also who I am as a woman.

Today, we’re speaking about Sarah’s new (gorgeous) book “Lit from Within,” which just came out last month. Teeming with wisdom and practices, it’s one of those books that any serious yoga and meditation practitioner is going to want to have in her practice library.

Sarah and I speak about what’s practices have been most supportive for her during the pandemic, how she begins (most) days, what she feels is the key ingredient to having a successful relationship (she’s been with her husband for four decades), and much more.

I know you’ll be as inspired by Sarah and this conversation as I was.


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