#92 4 Steps to Embodied Spirituality with Susan Aposhyan

Here we are, on Labor Day weekend in the U.S. The last unofficial weekend of summer.

It’s fitting that today we also have the last episode in our summer series on women’s yoga and meditation.

I’ve been sharing this series in celebration of a more feminine approach to spirituality– one that I highlight in my upcoming online women’s yoga and meditation teacher training. We have a wonderful circle of women forming. Registration is open for another week (www.womensyogateachertraining.com).

We’re speaking today with Susan Aposhyan, a fellow Boulderite who’s been an inspiration and support to me for many years now.

Susan’s been teaching meditation, embodiment, and psychological wellness for decades. She published Natural Intelligence: Body-Mind Integration and Human Development and Body-Mind Psychotherapy: Principles, Techniques, and Practical Applications.

She’s joining us today to speak about her new book, Heart Open, Body Awake: Four Steps to Embodied Spirituality.

It’s a beautiful book, that’s really about the path of the heart. Susan leads us through some exercises and shares more about this path in our conversation. I know you’ll enjoy it.



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