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#91 Embodying Your Dharma: Integrating Work & Spirituality

With just about another month left of summer here in the northern hemisphere, the special series here on the podcast on “women in yoga and meditation” continues.

I’m sharing this series in celebration of the creation of my online, 200-hour women’s yoga & meditation teacher training that starts at the end of September. Registration is open for a few more weeks!

Today, as part of this series, I’m sharing the replay from a webinar– called “Embody Your Dharma”– that I did last week with my long-time yogini sister, Myka McLaughlin, who’s the founder of WINC-Women in Community– an organization that helps women grow their businesses while staying steeped in sacred feminine culture.

The gathering was so sweet and nourishing, that I wanted to share it with our wider community, too.

Myka and I met 18 (!) years ago while studying intensively with a wise and radical teacher of feminine embodiment, Sofia Diaz.

We both speak very candidly about how our spiritual lineages and feminine embodiment practices inform our “dharmas,” or callings. Plus, there were lots of great questions from the women on the call about how to integrate the two in practical, sustainable ways.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • How embodiment can help you discover & magnify your calling or dharma
  • Ways to integrate your spiritual practice with your work
  • Why devotion is essential to building your business
  • What it takes to stay the course through all of life’s ebbs and flows

If you are interested in embodiment, yoga, or an integrated approach to building your business, I know you’ll get so much out of this conversation.

And, if you enjoy what Myka has to share, she’s offering a free Revenue Revolution Summit on September 1-2, with best-in-class business training for women creatives in business. If you want to start or grow a profitable and soul-centered business, you’ll get a lot out of this training! You can join for free here:

Enjoy our conversation!

Women’s YTT:

Equinox Retreat:

WINC’s Revenue Revolution Free Summit:





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