#87 Opening to More Pleasure

Summer is officially here in the northern hemisphere. Huzzah! Bike rides, swimming, hikes, picnics: this is the season of pleasure.

Yet, living in a (mostly) pleasure-adverse culture–- and emerging from the underworld of the pandemic– can make feeling good feel hard at times.

Today I’m sharing an excerpt of a dharma talk I gave a couple of months ago during an online course I taught called “The Book of SHE Club.” In this course, we covered one chapter of my second book (The Book of SHE) per week. I gave this particular talk when we covered chapter ten, “Turning on Your Brights.”

Since The Book of SHE outlines the 13 stages of the heroine’s journey– or a woman’s path to turning crisis into opportunity– This chapter was the first chapter in the “ascent” portion of the heroine’s journey.

I felt like this was a relevant talk to share right now given that we’re in the midst of a collective ascent. We’re coming out of the descent of the pandemic and adjusting our eyes to the light and our senses to more joy and pleasure.

And, on that note, later this summer I’m hosting a free, online gathering to support us all in coming together to cultivate more pleasure, more connection, and more fun in our lives.

It’s called “Women’s Summer of Celebration,” and it spans over 5 weeks, from July 21 to August 18. We’ll meet for 45 minutes via Zoom each Wednesday during that time. And, each week, a new guest teacher will join us to lead us through experiences from creative writing to sensual dance to devotional music therapy and more.

You can join us (for free) at www. WomensYogaTeacherTraining.com/Summer.

I’d love to see you there to celebrate with you this season!

And, for now, enjoy this dharma talk on “Opening to More Pleasure.”

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