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#86 Jody Day on Pronatalism, Being Childless (Not by Choice), & Living the Life Unexpected

Today I have another important conversation to share with you.

It’s for women who are childless(not by choice), women who are childfree (childless by choice), and for women who DO have children, so you can better understand and empathize with women who do not.

In her mid-forties, after years of trying to get pregnant, Jody Day found herself still childless– and overcome with grief and unsure how life could go on. Now, at the age of 56, Jody has found genuine happiness and embraced her life of involuntary childlessness by transforming her own suffering into service to other childless women.

The British founder of Gateway Women, a global friendship and support network for childless women with a social reach of over 2-million, Jody is the author of “Living the Life Unexpected: How to Find Hope, Meaning and a Fulfilling Future Without Children.”

Chosen as one of the BBC’s 100 Women in 2013, she’s a global thought leader on female involuntary childlessness, integrative psychotherapist, TEDx speaker, and more.

We speak about the problem with living in a pronatalist culture (especially when most people don’t realize that we do), the fetishization of motherhood, the unconscious bias many hold towards childless women (and the historical roots of this), and how we can come together as women to begin to bridge the divide between those of us who have children and those of us who do not.

Whether you have children, don’t have children (but want/wanted them), don’t want children, or still want children, this conversation is an important one to listen to and contemplate deeply. Please also share this with those who need to hear it. Enjoy!

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